Tupac Shakur

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Lesane Parish Crooks was born to Alice Faye Williams in New York City on June 16, 1971. Williams later changed her name to Afeni Shakur; a year after Crooks was born Williams married Mutulu Shakur, a Muslim man who later became Crooks' stepfather. In the year 1972, Crooks' name was also changed by Williams to Tupac Amaru Shakur. The last name Shakur means "Thankful to God". Tupac's name was developed from both a famous Inca who fought for the Incas rights and is also Arabic for "shining serpent". Afeni, Tupac's mother was a Black Panther activist and was whom he was raised by. When pregnant with Tupac, his mother was incarcerated on bombing charges and was later acquitted a month and three days before he was born (Biography). Tupac's biological…show more content…
The year 1993 also consisted of Tupac shooting two off-duty police officers that he believed was harassing an African American man in Atlanta. Pac decided to take matters into his own hands which lead to a fight with the officers, in which he shot one in the leg and the other in the buttocks. Following the shooting, he was facing charges until the case revealed that the officers were intoxicated which aided both the release of Pac and allowed the charges to be dropped. Tupac also formed a rap group called THUG LIFE which is also the same year that he got the group named tattooed across his stomach. The rap group THUG LIFE means "The Hate U Give Lil Infants F*** Everybody", which was quoted by Pac himself. Before the year ended, Tupac was charged with sexually assaulting a woman in his hotel room. While the charges were pending against him Tupac was shot five time during an armed robbery attempt outside a music studio in New York. After being shot, Tupac slowly regained consciousness and tried to protect himself by returning back into the building where he found his friend Biggie, Puffy, and Little Caesar waiting on him. After the robbery, Biggie and Tupac became rivals due to how Tupac publicly accused Biggie, Puffy, and Caesar knew that his attempted murder was going to occur. The feud lead Tupac…show more content…
Tupac started a fight with Baby Lane Anderson who had recently beaten up one of his bodyguards. Immediately after the fight, he returned back to the hotel with his fiancé and then later met up with Suge Knight. While riding in the car with Knight, he was approached by a white Cadillac on the passenger side that fired a total of thirteen rounds that hit Tupac four times which included twice in the chest, another in both of the arm and thigh. He was rushed to University Medical Center, where he was later placed on life support for six days until his mother decided to pull the plug on him. At age 25, Tupac was pronounced dead on September 13, 1996 at 4:03 p.m. Tupac was cremated, and his ashes were spreaded in Los Angeles. Allegedly, Biggie payed the members of the Crip gang to kill Tupac. The members of the Compton Gang Unit noted that the Crips were stating that they were responsible for the shooting of

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