Irrepressible Conflict: Similarities Between The North And The American Civil War

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Albert Gonzalez History 117 December 17, 2014 Mr. Aleksander Kocol Irrepressible Conflict How did the different ideologies between the industrializing North, which believed in a free-labor system and the South’s dependence of slavery and agriculture influence the people to emancipate the slaves that ended up causing an inevitable war? It is important to know the differences and influences between the North and South, which ideals broke the union between each other, and consequently brought up a series of conflicts, in which people from the North believed that the Constitution was not being followed by the South; therefore, the North formed a group of Abolitionist, who didn’t believe in regulating the conditions of the slaves. Abolitionists…show more content…
With the westward expansion and population increase, the trading between the opposing areas increased, and it was clear that in the nation only one system will prevail, but the constant conflicts between the North and the South were impeding the nation to come to an agreement. In the Kansas-Nebraska Act, Stephen A. Douglas proposed an act that ended up dividing the area into two territories, in which Kansas was likely to become a slave state. Immediately, white settlers began to move into Kansas, as a result, they legalized slavery; moreover, they wanted to become part of the States and also adopting the Constitution, except slavery, which shows how the South was firmly ready to take over and control the South and reign over the area with slavery. The Dread Scott Decision marks an important phase in the United States, because the living proof that the slavery had taken control over the Supreme Court. After Scott was proclaimed free with the help of the Missouri Compromise, the Supreme Court denied Scott his freedom because as a slave, he was not a citizen, and he didn’t have the rights to sue in a Federal Court, consequently, the Republican Party reemerged with its solely purpose to stop the spreading of slavery, as well as to gain control in Congress, in which Abraham Lincoln wins the presidential election, but South Carolina secedes from the Union. The effect of Dred decision leaves the United States in a fragile position, in which the Civil War is close to begin. To answer the main question, I think the

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