Seven Dwarves Vs Snow White

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“Magic mirror on the wall, who is the fairest one of all” most of us know where this line comes from and who was said to be “the fairest”, this was the crucial point where all misfortune befalls the heroine of the tale. Disney’s Snow White and the Seven Dwarves is considered to be the first full-length animated film, and is the most known variant of the tale in today’s society. The film was centered on Snow White, the protagonist of the film, who’s only importance was her beauty. A lead character who was no more than a submissive and domestic character. As this film was based on the Grimms’ variant; Little Snow White, where Snow White is also a weak protagonist that is only defined by her beauty and completed tasks submissively. Snow White…show more content…
Sexton clearly describes Snow White as a “doll” and also states that once the mirror announced that Snow White was fairer than the queen that “Until that moment Snow White had been no more important than a dust mouse under the bed.” Enunciating that Snow White is only relevant because of her beauty. The huntsman that was sent by the queen to kill her, much like in the variant of Grimms’ Little Snow White. However, because of her beauty she was let go, particularly in Grimms’ version of the tale it plainly declares “Because she was so beautiful the huntsman took pity on her”. As she ventured off into the woods she found a dwarf house, as she took comfort in the home, the seven dwarfs arrive and let her stay, but only if she were to “keep house”. As this was a poetic variant, in the Grimms’ tale it provides detail to what is needed of her “If you will keep house for us, and cook, make beds, wash, sew, and knit, and keep everything clean and orderly, then you can stay with us, and you shall have everything that you want.” To which she replied with “yes, with all my heart”, further establishing her submissive and domestic character that she played a housemaid, while the dwarf “men” went off to work in the mountains. Much like a very dutiful

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