How Does Tupac Affect Society

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''There was this wonderful, charming, bright, talented, funny person that no one is going to get to know; they are just going to know this other side. Hopefully, this will have some positive effect on people -- the gang members -- who are shooting each other.'' - Mr. Shakur's lawyer, Shawn S. Chapman. That statement certainly has a lot of truth to it, but for some, TuPac is not gone forever, he has simply gone into hiding. With the thought that he may be shot at any time, wherever he went, it is easy to believe that TuPac just took the opportunity to run and is still alive today. Perhaps he went into hiding to see if he could make an impact on the gangs, or the industry when they looked closely at what the life of a gangster does to a person. Perhaps he went into hiding because he could not call a truce with the rival gang…show more content…
TuPac knew that this was not the life that he was supposed to live. Soon after, TuPac joined the Oakland based hip-hop group known as Digital Underground as a roadie, a dancer, and a rapper. He was starting to understand the industry and all the people involved that could help him launch his own solo career. In the early 1990’s, TuPac did just that and released his first album “2Pacalypse Now” which then spawned “Trapped” and “Brenda’s gata Baby”. In his career he sold more than 75 million albums worldwide, becoming one of the bestselling music artists in the world. His music was well known for debate, as he sang songs that focused on his life as a hardened gangster and his rough childhood in the boroughs of Brooklyn and the Bronx. Singing songs with these messages led TuPac to become involved in gang feuds. His conflict with the East Coast &West Coast rappers is what some people are using as confirmation that he was, in fact murdered since TuPac was known to insult these other rappers on his tracks

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