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“Why Every Music Fan Should Own All Eyez On Me” Tupac Shakur’s music is very influential and relevant in popular culture nearly 20 years after his demise. The late star still has millions of fans world wide, his music crosses all borders. His discography is so vast, and he put out so many chart topping albums, both during his life and after his death that it is hard to say which of his albums is the greatest and had the most impact. However, the case can be made that his album All Eyez On Me is one of, if not the greatest album Shakur ever put out. It is one album that is a must have in every music enthusiast album collection. On February 13, 1996 Shakur released All Eyez On Me which was his fourth full length studio album, but it was his first ever double-disc album. It was historical because no one had ever released a…show more content…
The double album had a total of 27 tracks, all of which had a wide variety of talented producers and guest artists, this album helped to ensure Shakur’s place in music history as one of the greatest rappers of all time. At the time that this album was released Shakur was already a huge star, but with the number of hit songs on All Eyez On Me he was able to achieve pop superstar status. Any person who likes great music with great production value has to have this album if they do not already own a copy. The list of producers that Shakur worked with on this album is a superstar line up, producers like Dr. Dre, Daz, David Blake, DeVante Swing, DJ Pooh, Mike Mosley, Johnny J, and D. Rasheed (“The Making of” n.d.). Shakur was also able to have a number of popular rappers and singers at the time

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