Pros And Cons Of The Cuban Embargo

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Daniel Delgado Professor Gorbenko ENC- 1101 8am 07 December 2014 The Cuban Embargo An embargo is “an order of a government prohibiting the movement of merchant ships into or out of its ports” ( The Cuban Embargo began on February 3, 1962 by President John F. Kennedy signings a proclamation (3447). This proclamation declared an economic embargo between the two countries. But why did President Kennedy sign this proclamation? “The Cuban revolutionary Fidel Castro had overthrown President Batista which US backed and established Cuba as the first Communist country in the American continent. From the years 1959 to 1960, Castro took possession of $1.8 billion of US assets…show more content…
Cuba has not met the conditions that were required in order for the US to lift the embargo therefore the US should maintain the embargo. Also, by if the US ending the embargo before the Cuban government meet all the specific conditions it would make the US look weak in front of other countries. By forcing the embargo to Cuba the United States has the ability to pressure the government to improve their human rights in the country. In Cuba there is no private sector meaning the citizens do not own businesses or companies, it is all are all own by the communist government if the US opens trade with Cuba it would only benefits the government, not the Cuban citizens. The United States should not lift the embargo against Cuba because according to US embargo laws, Cuba must first legalize all political activities and secure free and fair elections in the country to be able to make an easy transition to democracy in the country. Then, release all political prisoners, agree to grant freedom to the press, and recognized the importance of human rights to the Cuban…show more content…
“The United States should end the embargo against Cuba because after a 50 years with this policy nothing has change in the country and on the contrary many people believe has failed. The embargo was created during the Cold War Era but at this time Cuba does not hold a threat to the United States. These sanctions against Cuba harms the US economy and harms the people of Cuba, not the government as planned” (Cuban Embargo). The whole idea of the United States to create the embargo was so that the Castro regime would be terminated. Its seems this 50 year policy has failed to achieve all the goals intended. If during all these years these sanctions to the Cuba government has not been too heavy, there is no reason to think the embargo will ever

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