Los Angeles Gang Memoir Research Paper

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Asia Williams English 101 5/18/2015 Essay #3: Los Angeles Gang Memoir Shakur (1993) "The night ended with Kody gunning down a rival gang with a 12 gauge shotgun sawed off, with pump action." (p.12). this quote, is from Sanyika Shakur's aka Monster Kody Scott. The Autobiography of a L.A. Gang Member relates the people growing up and experiencing childhood in the ruthless streets of South Central L.A. This exceptional record of the triumph of the human soul over unfavorable chances brings us readers into the step by step battles for survival. His story starts toward the beginning of his gang life (started at age 11), goes through his preteen years generally spent in juvenile centers and winds up with his adjustment in a person from the New Afrikan…show more content…
Alienation is the point at which somebody feels undesirable in their communities as a result of lack of attention or because others just basically put them down. Youth have a greater chance of feeling alienation due to most teens searching for love and attention from people around them, such as family, friends or even the people at school. After discussing the root, causes the next step which is taking action and creating different types of programs that will help decrease gang violence in communities and also just give teens something positive to do. In the event that teens have no extracurricular activities, they start turning to the streets which typically leads to them. They end up doing all sorts of rebellious things, being involved with the wrong crowd, potentially selling and using drugs, drinking liquor, or simply joining a gang. It is instilled in them by the more experienced members that going to jail is nothing to sweat. The largest street gangs like the Crips and Bloods have already formed branches in every major prison across the country. Preventing gang involvement is a difficult task but we have to do our best in

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