Biggie Wallace: The Mystery Behind Christopher Wallace's Death

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“Stay far from timid, only make moves when your heart is in it, and live the phrase, the sky‘s the limit.” (Wealthy Gorilla), was what Biggie Smalls said and lived by. Christopher Wallace, better known as Biggie Smalls, starting rapping at a young age. He rapped from first hand experience form his everyday life on rough streets. Undoubtedly this helped him to become a famous rapper. During the 1990s Wallace became involved in the East Coast West Coast Rap Rivalry during which, he butted heads with West Coast Rappers including Tupac Shakur. The East Coast West Coast Rivalry can be linked with Christopher Wallace’s death. The mystery behind Christopher Wallace’s murder can be summed up in two theories: Suge Knight ordered him to be killed or the FBI committed the murder. These are two theories surrounding the mystery behind Wallace’s unfortunate demise. Christopher Wallace, Biggie Smalls, was a rapper who became famous in the early 1990s. While in California sitting in at a radio interview, he said that he hired personal security for his…show more content…
Christopher Wallace could have been killed by a gang member who worked for Suge Knight to retaliate for Tupac’s death. Wallace also could have been killed by The FBI to end the violence of the East Coast West Coast Rap Rivalry. All in all, both theories had some type of relation with the Rap Rivalry. What is certain is that the Rap Rivalry played a significant role in Wallace’s early death. There are many cold case murders like Biggie’s that have gone unsolved. Solving these cases these killings may bring closure and comfort to the people affected by the them. So in conclusion, the true question is, should investigators give up on cold cases or pressistantly keep trying to solve them until the case is

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