Too Much Sugar Affect Children

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Hyperactivity - “The condition of being abnormally or extremely active.” (Google) Too much sugar can lead to the serious changes in a child and the way they act. Too much sugar can be risky, leading to the poor behavior of a child. Aggressive behavior is also a negative side effect of sugar on a child. The body can possibly become unhealthy, influencing the way a child acts and behaves. The increased amount of sugar can have a negative impact on a child. Too much sugar can be very risky to children. In some cases, the increased intake of sugar may lead to the poor behavior of children in some cases. In the article Hyperactivity and Sugar by Medline Plus, voices, “Refined (processed) sugar may have some effect of children’s activity.…show more content…
Therefore, they cause rapid changes in blood sugar levels. This may make a child become more active.”(Medline Plus) This demonstrates that too much sugar can perhaps cause the effect of health issues, also persuading a child to become more active. To emphasize, if a child was given sugary foods constantly, it may lead to different outcomes portraying adverse effects to the child’s body and health. In addition, the increased intake of sugar can cause a child to have way more activity than he or she needs. This causes the child to have a change in behavior. Furthermore, an article by the title of Sugar and Hyperactivity states, “Studies examining the effects of sugar ingestion on the behavior of children, both normal and hyperactive, were reviewed. Although the results of correlational studies suggested that…show more content…
In the composition Effects of sugar on aggressive and inattentive behavior in children with attention deficit disorder with hyperactivity and normal children revised by E.H. Wenger and M.V. Solanto states, “Foods high in refined sugar are claimed to exacerbate hyperactivity and increase aggressive behavior.” (Wenger & Solanto) Foods with high rates of sugar are more likely to cause hyperactivity and progress behavior to become worse. In this situation, a child eating many of these sugars are stated to affect behavior . Relating to this topic, an piece of evidence from Does sugar really make children hyper by Nancy Huynh states, “Dr. Wesnes conducted a study in which he found that having a large amount of sugar for breakfast led to a severe deterioration of attention span when compared to having no breakfast or eating whole grain cereal.” (Huynh) Having sugary meals earlier in the day can cause the negative effects on the child’s body. In general, eating a none sugar meal for breakfast will have the best constructive effect on a child throughout his/her day. As been noted, intaking so much sugar can cause a child’s actions to become

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