Persuasive Essay On Junk Food

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It’s time for junk food to go, and healthy kids to come! One of our biggest problem in America has gone too far and needs to be put to a stop: child obesity. It has doubled the percentage over the years. One out of three kids in America are overweight. Junk food has a huge role in obesity epidemic.By the year of 2050 Americans obesity is expected to reach 45 percent, according to researchers at Harvard University.Kids who eat junk food on a normal basis, consume more fat and carbohydrates unlike kids who don’t eat it regularly Although almost every child enjoys eating junk food, junk food should not be allowed in schools because it promotes obesity, makes kids feel tired during school, and could affect they way they learn and take tests.…show more content…
Katalenas many parents have been complaining, and wondering why young kids have become tired all of the time. Children can become tired very easily, by a problem that can be easily fixed if you try. It stands to reason that when children have too much junk food it could overwhelm their body and become very sleepy. “I’ve come to a conclusion: Our children are tired because they’re not getting the nutrients they need ­at home and at school.” When kids have too much junk food this could make them not do so well on all of the stuff they are doing at school,and they won’t try as hard. This means cutting back on junk food could have a huge problem solved, if you put effort into…show more content…
This could help in a big way not just the way they feel but they way they work on school work could change everything. First off obesity can cause them to lack in certain activitys and this could fix that problem. Also children could have more energy to be able to do daily things easier without having problems to do them. This could also help on test scores and homework because they aren’t as tired, depressed or have lack in energy. In my opinion this is why I think kids don’t need bad food for them at

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