Time To Success: Success Is The Goal For Success

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“ It takes time to succeed because success is merely the natural reward for taking time to do anything well,” this quote is from a Professor of medicine and of public health named Joseph Ross. If Ross has taken the time in his life to do everything right then that’s the goal for success. Time is what keeps the world spinning and brings us our tomorrow. Without time to rely on it leads into no tomorrow. No tomorrow means no future and without a future there’s no reason for accomplishments, careers, and success. So by managing time in your life you get your tomorrow and your future. When you manage time there are do’s and don'ts just like everything else. So DO manage your time and make something for yourself, but DON’T just do tasks as they…show more content…
If you take the time to do a task or a step right the first time then you will not have to come back and do it all over again. Now even though your goal to success seems so close and you know you could rush through your tasks and reach your goal in no time, it is not the way that things shall be done. When you are going to do things you need to do them right no matter what the task should be. Here are ten easy tasks that you should take the time and do them right; one, putting things away. Putting things away right the first time could save you some time to do the next task instead of having to redo it over because you can’t find anything. Two, FInishing a task to done, If you start a task you should never leave it until the task is fully complete. If you leave and its not done then you might have to restart or you won’t find the energy to finish it and it will stay uncompleted for a long period of time. Three, Cleaning up, let’s just do a litter scenario where you make dinner and there are a lot of dishes and you know you’re going to have to scrub. We all know that we aren’t going to find the energy to do them “later” so you need to clean them up now and get it over with. Four, Throwing things away, this is the same thing as cleaning…show more content…
Everyone wonders why they end of leaving things for the last minute. Well there is one main reason, Procrastination. Procrastination is; the action of delaying or postponing something. People believe that procrastination is also because of laziness and it affects everyone around you and not just yourself. Professor Adam Grant, an american psychologist and author once said, “ we should make time to procrastinate as a way to fuel creativity,” in his book Originals. This statement from Professor Grant shows that some people believe that procrastination is a very good thing while others on the other hand believe that procrastination is not such a great thing and we need to try our bests to stop the habit of procrastinating. Some of the most obvious of people who don’t like procrastination would be our parents, our teachers, and business owners. Our parents are against it because of our procrastination of chores that aren’t done and homework that needs to be done. Teachers don’t like procrastination because of our grades that are slipping and because of our work that is lacking intelligence. But when you’re older than business owners don’t like procrastination because you don’t pay things like bills on time and that makes them lose money. So procrastination can be looked at in two different ways, one way is that it somehow sparks creativity and on the other hand it’s not good to get into the habit of procrastinating and we should all

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