Doris Lessing: Annotated Bibliography

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Briggs, Marlene A.1. "Born In The Year 1919": Doris Lessing, The First World War, And The Children Of Violence." Doris Lessing Studies 27.1/2 (2008): 3-10. Humanities Source. Web. 21 July 2015. Briggs begins by accessing the literature and works of Doris Lessing by comparing the nature of them to violence and war. Due to the time of Lessing’s birth and location, the author notes the influence of her environment in her writing. An occurring theme that Briggs finds interesting about Doris is her claim of being involved in a war she never really experienced. Therefore the author classifies Lessing as a child of violence. Briggs continues to discuss the relation of wars, particularly Word War I and World War II, with Lessing and ends the article by providing other examples of Lessing literature that involved the wars. (Summary) The source is relatively useful in the context of providing the hardships faced by Doris Lessing. Briggs provides a full…show more content…
When an individual has the intent to do something, he or she is more willing to go after what they desire. Doris Lessing intended to achieve her goal of escaping. She intended to persuade her readers of the influence of her environment in her literature, stating how she was a child of violence. “There is no doubt fiction makes a better of the truth,” Doris Lessing, Under My Skin. Through her literature, Lessing intended to unfold the truth of her life without directly saying it. If an individual really want something or desire it, they’ll do anything for it. A desire for personal gain drives an individual more than any other type of motivation. Therefore, if an intention is for someone to attain personal success on some level, he or she will focus more because people put themselves before others. No doubt, everything Doris intended to do, she did it. Intentions cause people to develop a sense of urgency about their goals, which encourages

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