Student Success Research Paper

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Webster’s dictionary defines success as: “the correct or desired result of an attempt”. Simple as that might seem, success is more complex and elaborate than just a concrete definition. Success demands so much out of a person and if not sought after accordingly, failure will surely take hold otherwise. In order to get the desired result, a journey must take place. Students in elementary, middle, and high school all know the feeling of advancement; to progress to the next grade level and start a new school year. This type of progression is much like a cycle. As success is met, it soon fades away and a new trial presents itself. Following high school, students have a choice in what they plan to do, but still, the cycle remains the same. Some will go through years of college and thousands of dollars to achieve a degree, entitling themselves to a higher level of education. For these people, the existence of that degree, is success and the journey towards getting that achievement also has importance and conflict. During that time period, progress grants small bursts of success for smaller milestones; milestones such as completing a difficult class or getting an A on a big writing assignment are both milestones along the way, towards an even larger goal. In addition, one also faces conflict and possible failure.…show more content…
It might simply be to serve his/her country to the best of his/her ability. In this case, the smaller milestones hold much more weight and therefore the journey and success become one in the same since no concrete goal exists. The act of serving his/her country brings success in itself. If the goal were: to achieve a certain rank, the goal would be like that of a college student, much more material. Instead, the recruit would have milestones along the path to reaching a higher rank, much like that of a college
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