Singapore Financial System Analysis

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INTRODUCTION Primarily, This project entails research, analysis and discussion on how a Singapore listed company is able to access the Singapore financial system to achieve their business’ goal and activities. The research will look at the various types of financial services offered by financial intermediaries to individual’s corporations and government alike. Using information based on the financial market as a place where they sell the company’s stock and the latest will be using the financial instruments as an asset of the company. Singapore financial system comprises of three important components namely financial market, financial intermediaries, and financial instruments. Singapore Financial System suggests…show more content…
Singapore is one of the world’s largest financial centres, built around a core of domestic and international banks, and also offers a wide range of non-bank services. Singapore’s current regulation and supervision are among the best globally. The international banks that are interested in Singapore infrastructure efficient and clear law enforcement and supervision are also very effective. The monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) oversees the entire financial system, and has the analytical and operational capabilities to do successfully. The word "system" in the term "financial system" infers a set of complex and closely linked or interlined institutions, agents, practices, markets, transactions, claims, and liabilities in the economy. Singapore financial system simplifies the flow of funds from the areas of surplus to the areas of deficit. Singapore financial system allows lenders and borrowers to exchange funds. The financial system is concerned about money, credit and finance-the three terms are intimately related yet are somewhat different from each other. Singapore…show more content…
Singapore financial system markets doubtlessly help set in their business development as Singapore carrier is recorded on SGX (Singapore Stock Exchange). SIA is profiting from Singapore monetary market by offering their shares in Singapore Stock Exchange, so public or their future shareholders can purchase their shares. What’s more by purchasing SIA’s shares it implies that the shareholders are putting resources into their organization. On the off chance that a speculator is making an interest in stocks, it will make extra capital for them to become and create more. The principle motivation behind why Singapore Airlines is encountering quick development in light of the fact that the assistance of Singapore budgetary business sector, as they offer exact data required by the future speculators with simpler and minimal effort to get to

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