Human Rights In Ghana

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The protection of human rights in the world in The state of the human rights in the world varies from country to country. I would like to talk about the in the country called Ghana to justify my point. Human rights they say is said to the rights and freedom to all which human beings are entitled. This is ay that everyone is enriched with certain privilege simply due to be a human. Ghana is a sovereign country in the West Africa. It was a British colony until the 6th March 1957 when it gained its independence. Freedom in the world reports, which is published annually by the freedom house recently rated Ghana as a country whose rights are free but there are so many things that infringes on people’s rights in the county which makes it so hard…show more content…
Some countries in Europe and the Americans have legalized these acts but it is an illegal act and persons caught are dealt with by the law. Homosexuality was criminalized in the 1860s . Citizens who are homosexuals live in fear and are not able to come out since enforced penalties are imprisonment up to life in prison and do not also live freely. Since it is an act which is abhorred, citizens who are in the acts feels their rights are being infringed upon and move out to countries where they feel their rights protected. The rights to education is also very weak. There are so many factors affecting the rights to education in Ghana. Due to the high illiteracy rate in Ghana, people find it not so necessary to enroll their children in schools and is the low standard of living of parents to enroll their wards in school. Some parents engage in petty trades which they find it hard to cater for their children and their education. Often children involve in family work with which they are forced to drop out of school to help parents at home. Shortage of school facilities is a major challenge since children are often seen learning under roofs without books and other important materials to books and other important materials to boost their education .Principles , teachers , unit leaders and department heads sometimes have education academic background which is also a challenge…show more content…
Superstitious is said to be a belief or notion, not based on reason or knowledge in or of the ominous significance of a thing, circumstances occurrence proceedings or the take as thesaurus dictionary states. Superstitious believes in Ghana relate to religion where people blindly accept a notion which are not based on facts. A typical superstition believes is when old women are branded as witches which makes people accept these beliefs. Another example is also when a patient suffering from high fever is being known to be tormented by evil spirits. All these superstitions infringe on human rights and are not because of high illiteracy rate which results in ignorance. It is the duty of the government to educate people on how these superstitions are not based on the truth but only beliefs. Thus, human rights would be fully reached to protect the rights of

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