Negative Effects Of Peer Pressure

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The Difficulty of Peer Pressure Imagine you are at a party with a couple of your friends and then they start drinking and you have never had alcohol in your life. They offer you a drink and you say no then they start saying stuff like “come on it will be fun, relax, nothing bad will happen.” After saying no so many times you finally give in and get a cup of alcohol, the taste of bubbled dirt, and that one drink ends up being five. After while you need to go to the bathroom stumbling holding on to the cold, shapeless wall, a guy follows you, now helpless, unable to control your body and that is when he throws himself onto you, the smell of beer comes from his breath, you wishing you never would've went to the party, never took that first…show more content…
People know that everyone has been put through pressures they didn’t want to be in, and more commonly does parents know more about how to handle it than teens and children. When people bring up peer pressure they think of sex, drugs, and alcohol. Theses are not always the case, peer pressure could be actions like bullying, cheating, or even starting rumors and fights. When it comes down to who did it, who started it no one wants to talk anymore. Parker had said “Trying to be dominate withhold information, contradicting a decision, and rationalizing can lead to making wrong decision” (Parker, 1). Kids can be pressured into getting good grades and it will cause them to start cheating and copying. Pressure can be forced onto kids to make the right decision, but it could be wrong in their eyes like doing the whole project when its a group project and still giving the other kids the good grade even when they didn’t do anything at all. Letting other kids cheat their way through. Getting good grades for people that don’t deserve it just so they can participate in the game. For example “peer pressure is related to risky behaviours such as smoking, drinking, substance abuse, and risky sexual behaviors” (Manan 1). By doing work for someone else can lead them to start hangout with people doing unnecessary things like drinking and smoking. By doing stuff for people give them more freedom it can…show more content…
Sometimes a victim doesn’t know or doesn’t want to acknowledge that they are a victim. Johal had said boys and girls are affected between ages 8-40. Anyone and everyone is affected by peer pressure, good or bad. (Johal 1). Everyday someone is affected by some sort of pressure, some are harder than others to say no and others are harder to actually do. It doesn’t matter how mentally strong someone is, they can still be affected, everyone has a choice. A choice will compromise important things to a person, for example if someone smokes weed and they play softball or baseball and are drug tested and it comes back positive for drugs the coaches will most likely kick the person off the team and that could affect them by maybe losing a scholarship. This action could affect someone mentally as Manan had said “ studied the association between specific types of peer victimization with depression, suicidal attempts among adolescents (Manan 1). One thing can compromise someone's whole life, them not knowing that there is away out, and the answer is pick friends wisely. Since the victims are choosing to end peer pressure with severe consequences, society needs to do more severe actions to stop this pressure. Drugs and alcohol aren’t the only types of pressures for example social media. More and more each and everyday kid and teens turn to social media for everything including what they should and shouldn’t

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