Tim Burton's Style In Edward Scissorhands

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Tim Burton’s Style Analysis Essay It’s snowing on a cold winter night. Inside a warm comfy house, with a cozy fireplace on. As she looks out the window, she sees the big, old mansion on the top of the hill. As she looks at it, it reminds her about someone. Her granddaughter asks her if anyone lives at the top of that house. She says that there is story behind that big mansion. Her granddaughter asks her what the story is. Tim Burton, the director, of Edward Scissorhands has a sick, crazy, almost insane mind that’s filled with wild ideas. His films often have low-key lighting, dark or bright color scheme, and uses a lot of pan to reveal an important setting and to develop characters. Tim Burton’s creepy style is best conveyed through his use of low-key lighting, color scheme, and pan.…show more content…
To demonstrate, this often happens in Edward Scissorhands. When Peg first enters the mansion, she sees robots of some kind and she goes upstairs hoping to see someone who lives in this house. This entire house is in low-key lighting. Once she gets up the stairs, she sees the big hole in the roof which illuminates a part of the attic. As she is turning around she sees a shadow of a human with knives. So this creates tension as well as suspension. Another example for low-key lighting can be when in the movie of Corpse Bride, Victor is in the woods by himself trying to memorize the vows for his marriage. The woods are dark, scary, alarming, the leaves are rusting around, which seems to create a feeling of suspense. Both examples of low-key lighting, create the feeling of suspension and
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