Film Techniques Used In Edward Scissorhands

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In a dark forest on a warm summer night, a lady goes to a scary mansion to sell beauty products. When she knocked on the door and no one answered, she decided to open the door and goes up stairs and she looks at these pictures on the wall. All of a sudden a weird noise and a shadow is behind her. The shadow was a man with scissors as hands and wearing all black. His name was Edward from Tim Burton's film Edward Scissorhands. Burton’s unique style is best conveyed through his use of music, low-key lighting, and long shot. One of the defining characteristics of Burton's style is longshot, to create isolation of someone in trouble. This occurs in the film Edward Scissorhands by Burton. When Edward saved Kim's little brother but accidently cuts him, and everyone was yelling at him, they called the cops and the cop chased Edward away in the darkness. Edward running way is an example of a long shot. Another time Burton expertly uses long shot is in Charlie and The Chocolate Factory. For instance, when that one chubby kid falls into the chocolate and can't swim, so the camera is focused on him, spinning in circles non-stop. The long shot…show more content…
Notably, this also occurs in Edward Scissorhands. Another key point is when Jim, Kim, and Edward are in the mansion and Jim wouldn’t leave Kim alone. So Jim and Edward started fighting and Kim pushes Jim outside the window into the dark and cold night. Also again Burton uses low-key lighting in Beetle Juice. Chiefly, when Barbara’s fingertips caught on fire after they got into an accident and the house lights all turn off. To explain, it was already dark outside when they came inside after the accident and then their lights turned off to make it even darker. Together the examples create suspense and danger; by making the audience wonder why that happened to the characters, Burton proves the weird nature of his
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