Tim Burton Dark Style In Edward Scissorhands

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Burton’s Style On a normal sunny day she is trying to sell cosmetics and after she’s tried the whole neighborhood with no luck, she decides to go up to the mansion at the top of the hill. She enters the mansion and the mood immediately changes it’s suddenly dark, and she hears that someone is in the house. She goes up the stairs and notices someone in the corner and is horrified, but when he starts to talk to her she seems to think he’s harmless. A horrifying and harmless scene is set, this is often the case in most of Tim Burton’s movies. He uses dark themes and also light and colorful themes. Burton’s dark, and suspenseful style is best conveyed through his uses of low key lighting, diegetic sound, and close-ups Tim Burton’s dark style is conveyed through his use of his hints at danger and low key lighting, this is used in Edward Scissorhands, when Edward is hiding from the cops the neighborhood is cast with shadows, the low key lighting as Edward is hiding it hints at danger for the audience because Edward could be caught by the police. This effect is also used in Vincent, Vincent is sent to his room and there are a lot of shadows and his…show more content…
The mood instantly changes and sad music plays and it creates a sad mood. This technique is also used in Burtons film Vincent, when he comes out of his room and starts talking about living with his sister he tells us he wishes he lived with spiders and monsters. When he switches from reality to his imagination creepy music is played and it sets a creepy, dangerous, and weird

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