My Accomplishment In High School

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The achievement that has given me the greatest sense of accomplishment is being accepted to my high school because since it’s an early college high school where you can do your high school diploma plus your associates degree at the same time which saves time and money. Well it started like this in middle school our teachers encourage us to apply for Thelma R. Salinas Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics Early College High School aka (S.T.E.M. E.C.H.S.) which was for students that were interested on the subjects of the name of the school or to apply to Jimmy Carter E.C.H.S. which on the other hand was for students interested in being teachers or secretaries; the teachers did this because they saw great dedication and talent on us.…show more content…
program. Then summer came and everyone was waiting to know if they had been chosen to either school and finally after agonizing for two months the day came but to my surprise the letter said “There were many students applying so a lot of them are being kept on waiting list including you.”. Those words cut my hopes and dreams into a million pieces thankfully my sister told me “If they didn’t choose you they don’t deserve to have.”. Although I did feel better I really wanted to go to S.T.E.M. but I gave up and went to my regular high school when school started. My first two days went well I could talk to my friends but on the afternoon of my second day of school I had a Physical Education class and they people from the office were looking for me so when the lady found me she took me to the office. When we got there the secretary from S.T.E.M. answer and ask me “Veronica, do you still want to come to S.T.E.M.?”. I was so happy I instantly said

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