Tim Burton Characteristics

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The Style Characteristics of Tim Burton Imagination is a key part of Tim Burton’s films. Tim Burton uses a very dark and unique style for his films. All of his films include a misfit and characters with distinct personalities. In Edward Scissorhands and Alice in Wonderland director Tim Burton uses a characters that are misfits and characters that have distinct personalities to convey that one’s imagination is unique from the rest of society. In Tim Burton’s films, the misfit develops the theme by the use of juxtaposition to contrast the misfit with the rest of society. In Alice in Wonderland, Alice is at a party when at one moment she is asked to be married after a mysterious rabbit finds her and then leads her to the hole to Wonderland. In the beginning of the film, a flashback shows Alice talking to her father of her dreams and how they show these mysterious creatures from Wonderland. A rabbit from…show more content…
This event gives the audience evidence that Alice has a different way of thinking than from the rest of society. Alice’s mother and the rest of the people at the party think that since Alice is nineteen years old, then she should be married, but Alice does not want to be married, and she wants to focus on the rabbit that is telling her that time is ticking. A misfit is also used in the film Edward Scissorhands. Edward Scissorhands is the main protagonist who has been trapped away in a mansion for years. The distinct features which include his scissor hands, black clothing, and dark, long and wacky hair give Edward the categorization of a misfit. Like Alice, he also has a different way of thinking than the rest of society. Everyone in Peg’s neighborhood thinks that Edward is some monster with sharp
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