Tim Burton In Edward Scissorhands

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Tim Burton Essay On a bright summer day a woman goes house to house hoping to sell her make-up products to the residents. She is unfortunate and cannot find a single buyer. She wonders about the mansion on the mountain. She travels to the mountain planning to sell her products. Instead she finds that no one is there to answer the door. She walks and gets a dark and mysterious feeling while inside the mansion she heads to the second and third floor. She sees that there is a man in the corner hiding in the dark. Peg sees that Edward from director Tim Burton's Edward Scissorhands, has scissor hands and wants to take him home. Mysterious situations like this appear quite frequently. Tim Burton's mysterious and morbid style is best conveyed through…show more content…
This happens in Edward Scissorhands when Peg enters the mansion, it's a long shot of Peg in the middle of the room as she enters and she looks so little to show how vulnerable and weak she is in the mansion. This also shows that she has no power and there is something greater than her inside the house. Another example of Tim Burton using a long shot is in Beetlejuice. When the couple are dead and they try to leave the house it shows a long shot of them in another world which makes them seem vulnerable and weak to the unearthly monster. Both of the examples show the audience that the characters are weak and vulnerable and shows how they are or could be in danger. This further supports Burton's mysterious style. Another important characteristic of Burton's films is high key lighting and bright colors to create happiness and joy. There is an example in Edward Scissorhands during the barbecue, there are lots of bright colors to show the good and friendly mood of everyone. The high key lighting of the scene shows everyone's enjoying themselves and is happy to be at the barbecue. Another use of high key lighting and bright colors is in Beetlejuice. When the couple went to the town, the buildings were bright colors which makes it seem like a safe place to be and assures no danger. The high key lighting of the town shows happiness and brings joy to the
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