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On a dark, cold winter night, a man was lurking around an abandoned gothic mansion located on top of a hill in a suburban neighborhood. This man was a bit different than any other man. He is an artificial person that was created by an inventor. A long time ago, the inventor lived in this gothic mansion. He created this man from scratch but died before he could finish him. He put one characteristic on this man that was unusual, he had scissors for hands. One day, a woman named Peg decided to explore the mansion. When she got up the stairs, she found this man. He is Edward Scissorhands from director Tim Burton’s 1990 film, Edward Scissorhands. Unusual and mysterious situations like this are seen often in Tim Burton’s work and films. His films have suspenseful and spicy storylines, along with fast- paced music, low-key lighting and dark color schemes which help to clearly define his style. Fast music/sound, high angles, and cutting are key components or Tim Burton’s mysterious, suspenseful style.…show more content…
This is most notably demonstrated in Edward Scissorhands. When Edward, Kim, and Jim rob Jim’s house, the music is not so fast-paced at first. This leaves an impression that everything seems to be going okay, but the quietness throughout the house suggests that their plan could go very wrong, and this is obvious to the audience. Then, the burglar alarm is tripped by Edward, and the music is suddenly very loud and fast-paced. The audience is now experiencing the reality of the situation, and that reality is something that the audience had clues of before it happened, hence the slow-paced, ominous music that Burton

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