Comparing Tim Burton's Films, Beetlejuice And Corpse Bride

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Imagine if maybe you were just a little bit different than everyone else living in a small town where everything was the same and everything was perfect. But what if just maybe people started to appreciate you. What if they started to use you the way your supposed too or even the way you want to be used. That’s exactly what happened in Tim Burton’s film Edward Scissorhands. Tim Burton is a director who has also made other films, but he definitely shows his style in the two films, Beetlejuice and Corpse Bride. Tim Burton’s twisted and mysterious style is best conveyed through is use of low-key lighting, zoom, and music. Burton uses low-key lighting to create suspense, which adds to his style. For example, in the movie Edward Scissorhands, he floods the scene with darkness where Edward is getting ready to break into the house, and it is very dark outside and at the door to make the audience want to keep watching because we are afraid Edward is in danger. He uses this same technique in the film Beetlejuice, especially when Adam uses the chalk to draw the door in the attic which opens up into a whole new place. He uses low-key lighting to exaggerate and show the suspense and creepiness of the scene. This technique helps contribute to his overall style because it makes him sound…show more content…
For instance, in Edward Scissorhands, there is zoom on Edward’s face when he is hugging Kim. This is to show that he is feeling in love and he is in his happy place. This shows that Edward is feeling happy and in love. In addition, he uses the same techniques in Beetlejuice. For example, when the camera shows the dark room with the person that isn’t showed, there is zoom on the obituary page to show that maybe that character is important. He uses zoom in both scenes to show the effect the audience is supposed to understand. This technique adds to his overall style which is mysterious or

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