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As a child, James Patrick Page and his family moved to the suburbs of Epsom, in Surrey, England where, mysteriously, an abandoned guitar lie waiting in the house, seemingly as fate would have it, to pave Jimmy Page’s destiny. At the age of thirteen, Page was primarily self-taught, learning to play from recordings by ear (Tolinski, 2012). Early rock and blues artists like B.B. King, John Renbourn, The Rolling Stones and Elvis¬-¬particularly Elvis’s “Baby Let’s Play House”, were inspirations that galvanized Page to pick up a guitar (tripod). As a teenager Page joined his first band, Neil Christian & the Crusaders, and toured with them during the early sixties, but soon, quite literally, became sick along with the conditions brought…show more content…
“The studio gave me discipline and an incredible working knowledge of many kinds of music, and the Yardbirds gave me time to develop my ideas.” Page said in relation to the creation of Led Zeppelin (Tolinski, 2012). With the prospect of a band that would “combine blues, hard rock, and acoustic music, topped off with memorable heavy choruses” (Tolinski, 2012), Page wrangled up the perfect members for the job: John Paul Jones as the bassist and keyboardist, Robert Plant as the vocalist, John Bonham as the drummer, and himself as guitarist, and producer. Under the knowledgeable wing of Page, paired with the immensely talented group, Led Zeppelin would go “ever onward” (Page stated as the group’s motto) and make unforgettable strides in music history that would replicate the Beatles’ impact from the decade before (rockhall). The group’s success was also largely attributed to their shared interest in contributing different styles of music from all over the world when they traveled solely in pursuit of such inspiration. The result was a band that encompassed folk, country, blues, renaissance, pop, rock, and world music all into one. Fans keenly took to Zeppelin and Page’s extraordinary guitar playing with hits like “Since I’ve Been Loving You” that place at number 53 in Guitar World magazine’s list of 100 Greatest Solos of All Time, “Communication Breakdown” featuring Page’s lighting picking style, and arguably the best rock n roll song of all time: “Stairway to Heaven” with Page’s universally praised and unmatchable electric guitar solo on his 1959 Fender Telecaster (ultimate classic rock). Page was also listed at number 9 on Billboard’s 100 Greatest Guitarists of All Time in 2003 (rolling stone) and is number 3 on Rolling Stone’s 100 Greatest Guitarists (rolling stone

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