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Tim Burton’s Style From a mountain on the top of a town. He was separated from the real world. So when she introduces him to the real world he has a hard time transitioning. He helped people around neighborhood by doing everyone favors. But it became clear everybody thought he was a bad except pegs family. Edward and Peg from director Tim Burton’s Edward Scissorhands. The characteristics awkward, weird, and sweet appears often in Tim Burton’s work a lot. His work usually in this film has a high key and low key lighting. Burton’s creative style is best conveyed through his use of low key and high key lighting in Edward Scissorhands and Beetlejuice. One of the characteristics of Burton’s style is his use establishing shot to create the whole setting. For example, this happens in Edward Scissorhands. When peg walked into Edwards’s house it didn’t just show pegs whole body, it showed Edwards’s stairs, entry way and etc. Creating the establishing shot. To repeat when burton used establishing shot in Beetlejuice. In the beginning of the movie when they were filming the whole…show more content…
For instance this happens in Edward Scissorhands. When Edward had a flashback to the man that created him. He showed emotion when the man was giving him hands. But also vulnerability when the man fell to his death, and when Edward pecked the creators face and he started to bleed. To repeat when Burton Uses flashback in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Charlie brings up something about parents when he was doing an introduction for the kids and he had a deep moment he looked sad and depressed. This shows his vulnerability through his facial expression. Both of these examples create the mysteriousness of Burton’s style. By making the audience understand how the mood of movie will be portrayed as. This proves and tells us Burton’s

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