The Incredible Bionic Man Analysis

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I chose to watch documentaries of The Incredible Bionic Man and Rise of the Drones. The main field of science in both of these movies is Engineering and Robotics. In both of the movies the hypothesis was to discover how it was going to work during the building process of both machines. In The Incredible Bionic Man the team set out to build the bionic man to show where engineering has brought us in the advancement of prosthetic limbs and arties. They hypothesized that with certain robotic parts the bionic man who function in the same manners as a human. The team researched what engineering brought to the table with new human capabilities. Before watching this documentary, I knew that there were already artificial limbs out there that could be controlled by the human thought process, that with today's technology would could grow in a lab human organs and that there were already some mechanical organs already been used in humans.…show more content…
With these new prosthetics the wearer can walk, jog and even run without any hesitation. They can climb up stairs and walk down stair because the new technology senses the movement of the body. In the advancement of the organs technology had advanced to the point that we now have working veins. These veins are durable and can have the blood flow without hesitation because nothing can adhere to these artificial veins. In rodents I discovered that they have been able to successfully restore memory with microchip implants. With this new implant we may one day be able to cure

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