Madawaska And Antarctica Compare And Contrast Essay

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It would not be reasonable to expect a penguin to uproot itself from its home in Antarctica, and ask it to build its new home in the Kalahari Desert; the penguin would definitely not survive. Yet, because of special circumstances, people sometimes have to relocate to extremely different environments every day, and must adjust to these drastic changes quickly. The culture shock can be catastrophic to some people, but others handle it altogether well; perhaps it is all about perspective. My move from Madawaska, Maine to Casa Grande, Arizona is much like the penguin moving from Antarctica to the Kalahari; however, I was personally able to survive and even thrive by focusing on what was special about each place. Significantly, Madawaska and Casa Grande both differ in culture, climate, and the environment, yet each town…show more content…
Even though both places experience a basic summer and winter, the duration of each season and the extreme temperatures between them are all together diverse. Madawaska has colder temperatures nine months out of the year, but it is a winter wonderland for the person who is a cold weather enthusiast, and offers a wide variety of winter activities for the outdoor fan. Even though the air is bone-chilling, and the wind-chill of 50 below may scare some people away in Madawaska, this area still provides opportunities to go skiing, snowmobiling, snow shoeing, and even ice fishing for those who are brave enough at heart to endure the harsh winter conditions. Conversely, Casa Grande has hotter temperatures nine months out of the year, and for those seeking a warm weather climate in the winter, this is the perfect place to be. Despite the arid and piping hot temperatures in the summer, the winters in Casa Grande provide a paradise for those wanting to escape the bitterly cold climates of the north; people can enjoy hiking, motorcycling, cross-country biking, and even rock

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