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First impressions can often times be misleading. First impressions usually determine if there will be any other contact with that person. Blair Waldorf is a preppy girl who lives in the upper west side of New York. She is always dressed in designer clothes, never a hair out of place. You can always find Blair wearing a headband, and walking with her head held way too high. When I first met Blair Waldorf she was a self-centered, immature brat, and now that I have gotten to know her, she's a more mature and unselfish person. “Some people are simply better than others” Blair once said. This is the way she thought of herself. No one was better or ever going to be better than her. She was always so concerned about how something might affect her. She never thought about how anything she did might affect the people around her. She was always willing to do whatever it took to get what she wanted. Along the way, she hurt her best friends and family. Now that Blair has grown and matured, she realized that it was time to start thinking of others and…show more content…
Blair and “her minions” were the only ones allowed to sit on those stepss. Of course, with Blair being involved, they didn't just sit anywhere. Blair always sat on the top step and her and “minions” sat below her. Symbolizing that they were truly below her. The girls that followed her around didn't even care that they were being bossed around by their “friend”, they just felt so lucky that The Blair Waldorf was even taking the time out her day to talk to them. After graduating school, she realized that which step she sat on in highschool didn't matter. She took the responsibility and apologized to her “minions” in high school. She is now over her mom’s fashion company. She finally put her scheming behind her and matured into a woman that everyone now looks up to. Everyone in the upper east side only dream of becoming a Blair

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