Edward Scissorhands Gothic Style

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He is a soft-hearted man with scissors for hands and that doesn’t know how to act around others. This movie is called Edward Scissorhands and was directed by Tim Burton who also directed Beetlejuice, and Charlie in the Chocolate Factory. Tim Burton’s Gothic style is best conveyed through his use of low key lighting, dull colors, and establishing shots. Examples of this are in Edward Scissorhands and Beetlejuice. For example at the beginning of both movies there is an establishing shot that shows the setting and pans around the town. Like in the beginning of Edward Scissorhands there is a establishing shot that pans around the town that shows the colorfulness of the neiborhood and then goes up to the castle and shows the size and the oldness of the castle. Also in Beetlejuice there is a establishing shot panning around the town to show the uniqueness and the old style of the town.…show more content…
For example in Edward Scissorhands after panning around the suburbs it goes up to the castle which is full of dull black and grey colors and when Peg walks in the stairs are made of grey concrete and dull brown wood and the attic is also made of dull brown wood. Another example in Beetlejuice after they figure out that they are dead and they walk inside their house the house is dark and the colors are duller than last time they came in and also when they go through the door that they drew it is a very dull grey with green in some parts. This adds a very scary/gothic style into the movie by making it not happy and boring and sometimes

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