Argumentative Essay On Alternative Medicine

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The queen of Media defied her father’s orders and married a ruler of a neighboring land. After years of bliss and contentment, she discovered that her beloved husband is in an affair with another woman. This drove her sanity away and thus she used a herb which grew only on her land to murder both her husband and his mistress. She then looped with a fair man into an anonymous land (Smith, 1875). As odd as it might seem, plants were first used as a love-revenge poison. Besides who wouldn’t kill for love? This idea remained perceived as such until Democrats, a roman healer, proposed the benefits of the plants of all species (Smith, 1875). Although some medical professionals claim that alternative medicine lacks scientific evidence and possibly leads to dangerous interactions in the body, it is an efficient treatment due to the fact that it…show more content…
“Indeed, up to 67% of cancer survivors use complementary and alternative medicine (CAM)” (Mao JJ et al, 2011). This is solid evidence that alternative medicine provides cures. For instance in the case of the emotional misbalances, alternative medicine was shown efficient in reestablishing the balance. This indicates that it is dependent on the psychological state the patient passes through rather than just the disease itself. Unconsciously, individuals rely on alternative medicine. An example of which is herbs that treat the skin impurities or even yoga. Alternative medicine works on preventing the occurrence of the illness before it actually invades the body. In its different fields, it governs almost all the probable diseases an individual might face by stimulating the conduction of electromagnetic signals, which may release immune system cells or pain-killing chemicals. Moreover, acupuncture activates the body’s natural opioid system, which may help reduce pain or induce sleep. Thus, alternative medicine works on restoring your body's ability to protect, to regulate and to heal

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