Transformational Leadership Theory, Horizontal And Collaborative Leadership Theories

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Overview: This article focuses on leadership in the public sector as a whole. Van Wart explains how leadership theories can seem very complex, which is why he uses this article to break these theories down. There were five theories discussed throughout the article: Classical management and role theory, Transactional Leadership theory, Transformational Leadership theory, Horizontal or Collaborative leadership theory, and Ethical and Critical Leadership theory. Classical management and role theory is based on the idea that leaders should understand and accept the complexity and demands of their roles. Transactional Leadership theory focuses on the daily interactions of leaders and their followers (Van Wart 2013). In order for this theory to work, leaders have to use multiple styles to pursue…show more content…
They institute changes in structure, procedure, ethos, technology, and production (Van Wart 2013). Horizontal and Collaborative Leadership theory is the idea that effective leadership often reduces the need for formal leaders by facilitating the use of “substitutes”, such as providing or increasing levels of training and/or clear protocols (Van Wart 2013). Individuals who follow this theory tend to have a stronger service mentality. Ethical and Critical Leadership theory is based off of the idea that leaders should instill and build trust, understand duty, and keep the common good in mind (Van Wart 2013). In addition to the explanations of these theories, Van Wart also provides information about the practices of leadership in the past, and how leadership is practiced today. As observed through the article, leadership is continuously changing. Van Wart provides several examples on how leadership has changed over time, which are through communication, how leaders tend to lead “flatter” organization compared to the past, and he displays how there has been paradigmatic shifts in public service as a

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