Leadership: The Path-Goal Theory And Effective Leadership

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Leadership is the persons who are the leaders in an organization, and he or she is regarded collectively (Leadership, 2017). According to Koontz, H. and C. O'Donnell, the good leadership is "influencing people, willing to work for themselves to achieve the collective goals," and leadership will also have a clear vision for subordinates and their ability to influence subordinates complete the progress of all tasks. A leader is important for the company and every department, and in most cases, people will carry out their mission with about 60% potential. Thus, if effective leadership can achieve an additional 40%. Leadership can maximize productivity, create a positive culture, and promote harmony. Leadership is all business in the most influential…show more content…
The Path-Goal model a theory that is based on the style or behavior of the designated leader that best suits the employee and the work environment to achieve the goal (House, Mitchell, 1974). The manager can according to the staff's ability and experience to adjust their behavior. For example, the employees' skills, and experience are lower, the manager can use the command method directly, then the relationship with them increase and their ability and experience have improved, the manager can give them the power then decide how to solve the issues. Besides, leadership can be divided into two types of leadership, transactional leadership style, and transformational leadership style.Transactional leadership style is focused on the existing work and maintaining the normal operational processes. In addition, it is focusing on making employee working closely, those subordinates are unity and concerted to finish current work efficiently. The transactional leaders handle all the details, builds a good fame in the market while maintaining employee…show more content…
To expand the business, including property development, rental, and management that it is the transformational leadership style, to innovation and change the company. When the company is using the transactional leadership style, their organizational structure mostly is divisional or functional structure. The company operates more than a business and the independence of each business also requires each business manager to distinct the responsibility of the whole business, to work efficiency. MTR has two main business department, investor and property management can be called as division structure to division different business to run, each manager needs to be responsible for the performance of their business. For the above reasons, it can see that the MTR is a transactional leadership style basic on the organization structure division because they are focusing on the annual short and immediate performance. Or they are 80% in transactional leadership style and 20% in transformational leadership style because they need innovation on a regular

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