The Pros And Cons Of Millennials

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A study was conducted revealing the fact that 18-34 year olds, or people who are known as millennials, are suffering from severe stress. The major reason for their stress is money. Experts say that compared to people from previous generations, most millennials doesn’t really use their minds when it come to money, of course not everyone, but mostly. One of the main reasons is that millennial students doesn’t prioritize savings and budgeting. Millennials are known to be materialistic, because of the rise of social media, more and more people are into each other’s business wherein they share almost everything, to the fact that they are doing everything to get liked and praised, and most of the time, it cost them money. According to a survey conducted by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants, over three quarters of Millennials in the United States have the same clothes, cars, and other gadgets as their friends, and almost fifty percent of that use a credit card to pay for their luxuries and to pay for their bills. MILLENNIALS ON SAVING AND BUDGETING According to the latest statistics from GOBankRates, most millennials are doing so badly when it comes to saving. •…show more content…
FOMO stands for the “Fear Of Missing Out”. This has got to be the worst thing about this generation. With the power of social media, people could share almost everything, that is why people could also see almost everything that other people share. Millennials are simply afraid that they will miss out on something. For instance, a new IPhone has been released and most of your friends just go it, since you’re afraid to miss that out, even if you don’t really need a new phone, you would get it even if it means you might go broke. Another example is that you would see photos of your friends having a good time out of the country, you wouldn’t of course want to be left out so you would do anything to have the same

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