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“Federal system of the USA” By Arina Matvienko, Metropolitan University of Prague. Constitutional Law JUDr. Tomáš Pezl 2016 The federal government – this is a state which has a complex structure. The main feature of this state is the presence of other States - subjects that have an independent conduct of political affairs from the center. They are characterized by certain features of States. However, in every State, these subjects are given a certain measure of freedom in their political activities, due to different principles: ethnic, regional, religious and other. These principles, with the policy of the central government determine the political relations in the federal state. These relationships in countries so different from each other that in some States, subjects actually have obvious features of sovereignty, and in other States, it is hard to call them federations. Now I would like to distinguish three aspects of federalism. First of all, this is the legal basis of federalism, which include: Rule of law, the execution of which is guaranteed by the existence of common institutions. Federal law is above the law of the Federation, that determined by the constitution. The executive branch implements laws and there is an independence of the federal legislative institutions. Secondly, this is advantages of federalism, which include protection…show more content…
At the end, I would like to say that federal system of the United States today is extremely complex, diverse, confusing and contradictory. It consists from a large number of bodies of political and legal institutions. Structurally it is divided into three ways - federal, State and district. Sources

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