Theories Of Mass Media

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Criticism/ Problem Statement Media is a communication in written, broadcast, or spoken way where large audience can be easily reached("The Role and Influence of Mass Media", 2016). The message is delivered through media tools like newspaper, television, radio broadcast, magazines, advertisement, the internet, and many more. It is a significant force in modern culture, slowly changing from the wants to the needs of the daily life in this generation. Sociologists refer to this as a mediated culture where media reflects and creates the culture ("The Role and Influence of Mass Media", 2016). Media can be very powerful if the audiences are passive audience. Roughly 10-15 years ago, media often defined as mass communication through several medium…show more content…
Majority of the political parties focus on transmitting their message to the citizens through media (F. Flowers, A. Haynes, & H. Crespin, 2003), especially countries that applies authoritarian or soviet community theory tend to focus on controlling the media to maintain their position because media can be very influential to the citizens. If a person does not have very strong perception about politics, they would believe almost everything on the media. They are afraid that if they accidently let media falls into the hands of other elites, their position could be threatened. For example, In North Korea, the media is used only to promote the ideology of the state so that citizens would continue obeying and following the words of the leader. Media and politics are indivisible. Media has always been a useful tool to obtain exposure and popularity. Thus, politicians always need the media to attract wide publicity and also inform the people about their events, especially for election campaign to win the support of people, as well as the political parties they represent (Lee Kuok Tiung, Mohd Safar Hasim,…show more content…
All the information and propaganda can be easily spread by media because of the wide acceptance of their people towards the publications form their state media (Carvajal, 2015). Propaganda in North Korea has historically shown Americans as evil people, whose want to conquer the world and destroy the countries that resist (Tudor & Pearson, 2015). There are posters show American soldiers happily point bayonets at Korean babies, with their frightened mother watching them but could not able to stop (Tudor & Pearson, 2015). There is one news about foreigners are banned by North Korea to participate the Pyongyang marathon because of the fear of the spread of Ebola. However, their state media has suggested that US military created the disease as a biological weapon (Carvajal, 2015). It can strengthen the loyalty among the citizens and make them commit to their country (Carvajal,

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