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Pre-marital Sex: What is your Clue? Sex has always been a strong bond between humans. It can strengthen relationships or destroy them. Sexual relationship is intimate and intense. We cannot enter into it casually no matter how easy and pleasurable it might seem. One of the controversial issues that our society is now facing is Premarital Sex. It involves any kind of sexual contact without even being married. A lot of religions consider it as a sin. Science has also proven that it can hook you up or rewire your brain. In our society for example, girls especially would have Premarital Sex mainly because they want to lose their virginity. Nowadays boys under the age of 18 also get interested in sex even before they even reach their adulthood. Since girls are the opposite gender and seem to attract a lot of guys of this generation and it does not seem so surprising.…show more content…
But morality is subjective and it differs in every person. All people hold different morals regarding in pre-marital sex. Morals are influenced by religion, by personal experience, by culture and by family and friends. A lot of religions say that pre-marital sex is morally wrong. For example in Christianity, the biblical standard of sex is purity and the bible says that God designed us to be sexual creatures and says sex is to be enjoyed only between a husband and wife within their marriage. Therefore, pre-marital sex is considered a sin. In some culture, pre-marital sex is considered as moral, as it based on one’s belief and personal experience- everyone is doing and enjoying it and Sexual expression is a universal need for all people. Some people believed that Human Sexuality is a big part of relationship. They feared that, what if they would end up marrying the person they are not sexually compatible with. In some culture’s conclusion, pre-marital sex is a must for the couple to know more about their partners and not to end up into a

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