Political Economy Of Media Analysis

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IR 501- Methodology in Social Sciences H. Nur Özcan 114605022 INTRODUCTION The political economy of mass media has been one of the main topics of political communication studies. According to Mosco political economy can be identified as “the study of control and survival in social life”. He clarifies what he means by indicating “control” and “survival” by giving such definitions. Control refers to “a political process” that molds the social life, and survival here points to “process of production and re-production” (Mosco, 2008). Particularly, the political economy of media also examines the influences managed through mass media, new media which is also called as social media, and entertainment industry. However, this research will present…show more content…
Because media owners have become holding owners rather than journalists. Manufacturing of consent refers to use of media to get the consent of the public by using non-violent media control and creating official enemy. For instance, in case of February 28 military coup, it’s necessary to analyze the structure of Turkish media especially after the mid-1980s, then the privatization and commercialization boosted by the current neo-liberal government. Also, non-violent media control and official enemy concepts can be applied my case study due to the media manipulation and planned demonstrations to persuade the public that political Islam has been…show more content…
Even though this paper will not be a pure communication study, it would rather present an interdisciplinary study which is called political communication. Also, as Babbie states that the first content analysis study also examined the newspaper articles and columns. In this analysis, any kind of content which could be newspapers, magazines, official documents, TV, transcripts etc. (Babbie 2007, p.309). The unit of analysis will be the “news content” such as headings and paragraphs related to the case within a certain period of time. Also, quantitative data would be used for instance, how many news had been conducted during this period and how many among them can be considered supportive or parallel with the military approach. Not surprisingly, this paper will dominantly use qualitative analysis in which I’ll not only examine the news but also the primary sources like official documents. In addition, as mentioned above, news will be gathered from four daily mainstream newspapers in which three of them are supposed to be supportive and one of them is from the

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