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Agenda setting is an aspect of mass media that impacts society about public problems. It tells us what are the most important issues due to the strong impact media has. McCombs and Shaw’ main thesis in their “Agenda Setting” theory came out of their research in the 1968, 1972, and 1976 presidential campaigns. In their first research of agenda setting in mass media, they came up with the elements of awareness and information. McCombs and Shaw “demonstrated a strong correlation coefficient between what 100 residents of Chapel Hill, North Carolina thought was the most important election issue and what the local and national news media reported was the most important issue” (Mass Communication Theory). In conclusion, they indicated that mass media…show more content…
CNN focused on specially climate and natural disasters around the world, such as an earthquake in Alaska, and blizzard in eastern United States. The image for the main headline of “Flooding ‘like a tsunami’” in eastern United States is of the actually affects the flooding has created, a car is clearing stuck in the road due to the weather conditions. The text for the headline is very large bold, and in black, under the headline is a smaller lettering bout a short description of the situation , and under that in blue in even smaller lettering, is about more details. The vocabulary is not extensive so majority of people would be able to understand everything written on the main page. The syntax included smaller headlines formulated with a maximum of eight words. ABC News focused on social situations in the world, such as a mother escaping a carjacking, the Flint water crisis, and The damages of an Avalanche in Washington State. The image for the main headline of “Hero mom describes her carjacking ordeal” in the United States is a picture of the interview from the mother and her son. The text for the headline is very large, in capital and in white. The vocabulary is more extensive than CNN’s, so words such as ordeal,exhaustive, and others, some people would not clearly understand. The syntax included…show more content…
The content chosen is understood and logical, and is what I as the reader would select to read. I agree that connecting the past five seasons to each other relates to Dante Inferno’s nine circles of hell for the reasons in each season's storyline. Through the Negotiated code reading, the article’s content is recognized, but could be changed in a few ways based on my interests. Generally the article is liked, but I discard some aspects such as which season relates to which circle of hell. Through the Oppositional code, the content in the article is understood, but I discarded since it is reviewed oppositionally. Therefore, I completely disagree with concept that the relation of American Horror Story’s storyline to Dante’s nine circles of hell, as well as I have no interest in the content

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