Tesco Stakeholders

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2.1 Identifying stakeholder for decision making The person how have invested in the business is known as the stakeholder. The person how have invested in the Tesco company then it is Tesco stakeholder. This per can be any one like it can be the creditor, debate, government, employee, any other company owner and owners or top level of a company. The person can affect the company because his some amount have been put in the Tesco. The stakeholder provides the financial helps to the company the stakeholders also affect the company. Some basic role of the stakeholder in making the decisive that are as follows: Product development: It well helps in getting the information about the product. The feedback forms after providing the services then…show more content…
Personal networking is a kind of business networking, it is a process of developing an interaction relationship between potential clients/consumers and business people. Business networking, taking aim at telling your business to another people and hopefully turn them to become our clients/consumers. A great business networking can develop the business of Tesco easily. And I will further explain how personal networking helps Tesco to do so. Personal networking can share knowledge and experience to each other. Tesco can learn them from others prior experience. For instance, if Tesco is going to develop the new market from another country, Tesco can ask for various valued advice from somebody. Due to different countries have their own cultures and religions, the products will different. So, somebody who has the similar business can give some advice to…show more content…
A person has to always show himself real. It necessary to the organisation and their workers. It makes a relationship between the organisation and all the people who are working in the organisation. It shows the truthfulness of person. It creates an original personality for all. Tesco company can provide motivation training to their employee and make it better and helpful to the organisation. Tesco company use this strategy to build a relationship, improve people skills, improve knowledge and make a clear personality of a person. Follow up: Company wants to grow their employee personal network, Company can give the motivation classes. And training to their employee to increase the personal growth of employee. An employee can make a relationship with their superiors, with their subordinates, with their college and all the outsiders of the organisation. Follow-up strategy is as like to follow others and identify them and tell them about own self and about the organisation. It's also helpful to improve communication with

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