Mr. Hyde: The Struggle Between Good And Evil

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1. This novel is a classic example of the struggle between good and evil. In this case, which do you think won? Use incidents from the story to support your answer. Both sides did not win. However, from its appearance, the evil side of Mr.Hyde won more since the author fully and carefully illustrates how the dark side of Mr.Hyde affect the deportment of him and how it influence the whole novel. In the novel, there are several places could support the statement that the characteristics and deportment of Mr. Hyde relate to the idea that human ugliness originates in the soul. In the following passage, I will finely analysis every perspectives of Mr.Hyde in order to show audiences how human ugliness appears from this character. Closure is not…show more content…
Jake not casual, but torture. On the one hand, he must become a respected doctor. On the other hand, he must release his own desires. On the one hand, he must abide by all kinds of manners Morality, on the other hand, he has to avoid these norms. From the very beginning, he turned to prove the two sides of mankind and prove his own scientific achievements. Therefore, when he drank syrup into Hyde, he said: "Free and finally free Now, what do you guys think of these addicts when they see me? "It was a sense of accomplishment after a scientific experiment was successful. After he violently captured Avril Pieter and proved his own darkness, He turned to Dr. Jake and sent Avril Pieter £ 50 to help her, in effect atonement, and when Aviv Pilf came to see him, That Hyde will never appear…show more content…
Miu Miu and Dr. JC. Originally, Dr. Geoff was so elated that on the way he saw the birds singing in the trees, which was wonderful But a black cat swallowed the bird and destroyed a scene where Dr. Jake could no longer restrain his evil desire. He turned into Hyde and burst into Avril Pilger Special residence, Avril Pelt who just returned from Dr. Geke seems to be immersed in the help of the famous Dr. Jie Ke, suddenly came to the devil, "the death has come." He told Avril Pieter said: He confirmed the person I hate, and I am repaired to the one who loves you, whose name is death. "And then strangled Avril Pieter with last-minute

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