Significant Self Impact

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In this essay I am critically going to consider how significant others and generalised others impacts on your self-concept, self-esteem, self-perception and self-worth. I am also going to indicate to what extend I am engaging in impression management tactics. Firstly I am going to define all the terms mentioned above see discuss them according to me as an individual. There are many factors that play a role on reflecting how I have learned the values, morals and beliefs that I have. How others see you as an individual can also have an impacts on your self-concept, self –esteem, self-perception and self-worth. How other people in your life see you can mostly determine or affect how your see yourself. As a result this may affect you because as…show more content…
I see myself as a person who is open, giving and full of hope. Other people might see me differently. This can be because they do not know me. According to Daryl Bem, psychologist of the Self-Perception Theory, people get their attitudes and opinions by seeing how they behave and draw their own conclusions from this behaviour. The perception that other people have about me is different from my own perception. The perception of there about me has just improved the kind of person that I am. People have always tried to make me a bad person by spreading negative things about me and for a long time this has affected me as a person. My self-perception was the person that people saw me as. This has changed. I now have a better and more positive self-perception. I am stronger inside and a better person. This also had an impact on my…show more content…
Self-worth is who you are as a person and not what you do. As a person I know my self-worth. I know what I am worth. Other people have negative things to say about my worth. The impact that this had on my self-worth is that it has affected me more psychologically, because I believed it. I value myself and I know I am much more than what others think I am. I always speak to myself and motivate myself to boost my self-worth. This has made me develop ways to carefully approach people to make an impression. I have different ways in engaging in impression management

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