Assimilation Impact To Mass Media

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Throughout many years, immigrants have travelled to America in search of a better life or escaping the violence from where they are coming from to find safety here. These immigrants then settle and being to contribute to society. Each contribution begins to shape a new society in America. As politics, education and mass media are bringing to become more accepting and welcoming of immigrants so has society. As mass media has a huge impact on the assimilation of immigrants, immigrants are being able to influence media. Throughout history, there has been a constant flow of immigrants from around the world. As immigrants begin to settle in America, they try to assimilate to the culture in America. Which is very difficult since America assimilation…show more content…
One of the biggest theories relating immigrants assimilation impact to mass media is that each immigrants experience of assimilation varies from person to person. In "Not Everyone Is Chosen: Segmented Assimilation and its Determinants” Warner and Srole researched the outcomes of immigrants assimilation to the citizens in America and they discovered that the outcomes are different. The outcomes depend on the social class, age, timing of arrival and generation and all factors can affect the difficulty of immigrants assimilation. In "Not Everyone Is Chosen: Segmented Assimilation and its Determinants” they describe one outcome is role reversal. Role reversal meaning that children become the main caretakers when they are old enough to work. In the article, it describes children born to immigrants parents in America and since these children know the natives language, these children will have better opportunities to receive better paying jobs compared to their parents. Therefore, the children will be the ones contributing more to rent and bills than their parents which causes the role reversal. Also, in the article, it describes that family decisions begin to be based on the knowledge of the children rather than the parents which gives the children more…show more content…
In “How the Media Frames the Immigration Debate” discusses the theory that media role in society is extremely important because it changes society’s views on immigrants and the immigration debate. For example, it discusses that depending on the location of the media outlet is can provide a more conservative or liberal view on immigration and this action can reflect onto the community. For example, image 1, shows a wall street journal article that was written on the same day and there are two different headlines on the same article. One headline is “Trump Softens His Tones”, which purpose was to be sent to communities that are pro-trump and the other headline “Trump Talks Tough on Wall” was meant for communities that are against Trump. According to "Media's Influence on Immigration Attitudes: An Intergroup Threat Theory Approach.”, it discusses that the media not only has the ability to influences preconceived ideas of immigrants but it can also control the emotions of society towards them. For example, they discuss that the threat theory can make people feel anxiety towards others when they see someone from a different ethnicity group because they feel them as a threat economically, physically and symbolically to their own ethnicity. This source also discusses the idea that blacks and latinos are usually portrayed as violent or a danger to the white community and news media portrays them as

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