Theoretical Framework Of Writing Skills

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Theoretical Framework Repetition Theory. Writing skills can be improved by learning through repetition. If the teachers would be aware of the writing process this would help in teaching appropriate strategies and that would also improve the writing skills of the students. (Oberman&Kapka 2001). Furthermore, these ideas suggest that through repetition the learners can improve their writing skills. And it must be also to the teachers that they should aware of the writing process, so that the learners failed to improve their writing skills. This study focus to the writing skills of the learners, this theory can be used as one way process in order to improve the writing skills of the learners. And they must be also aware on how to use writing strategies…show more content…
According to the idea of it expresses that writing skills are an important part of communication. Good writing skills enable you to convey your information with clarity and ease to a far larger audience than through face to face or telephone conversation. People write for their own reason, it maybe for their own benefit like academic purposes, expressing themselves and whatsoever. Writing is the primary basis upon which you work, your learning, and your intellect will be judge in college, in the workplace and community. Writing helps people move easily among facts, interference and opinions without getting confused and without confusing reader and it also helps you refine your own ideas when you give others feedback. But nowadays, most of the learners fail to observe the proper and correct writing style, both on English and Filipino language. It has been a big problem of the learners regarding to their studies. This might put the learners to risk like failing grades and even…show more content…
The common errors of learners in writing are spelling, grammar, punctuation roles, accessing prior knowledge while writing and etc. These are some of the reasons why learners fail to observe and correct writing style. Teachers and the learners are the person involved in this study. Teachers play an important role in schools and colleges, knowing the fact that teaching is one of the noblest jobs in the world. Teacher had highly affected the life of the learners by means of teaching and imparting every knowledge they have. In teaching, it is said that writing has been one of the difficult skill to teach, and to master as well by the learners. However, a learner has to learn and master this basic skill because this can help them to their studies and to help them as well to their job in the near future. Writing is important because it is used extensively in higher education. If students don’t know how to express themselves in writing, they won’t be able to communicate well with others. (Walsh, 2010). This idea of Walsh 2010 states that if the students manage to learn the material in their classes or out in the class, they won’t be able to express their knowledge to the people who are making the big

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