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Research Article Critique Knight, C., & Gitterman, A. (2014, January). Group Work with Bereaved Individuals: The Power of Mutual Aid. National Association of Social Workers, 59(1), 5-12 Article Summary Introduction: Across the course of a normal life-span, it seems inevitable that an individual will endure loss through the death of a loved one. This experience is fraught with an array of difficult emotions, questions and anxieties that are challenging to resolve. This study looked at group work as an intervention with adult clients who are dealing with loss and grief. Furthermore it examined this intervention from a social work perspective as prior research on death and dying was found to be generated predominantly by the fields of nursing,…show more content…
It is in no way misleading and accurately describes the purpose and content of the study. Authors: The authors are reputable and their qualifications suggest a high degree of knowledge in the field of social work. Both hold professorships at schools of social work and have written extensively on topics ranging from classroom and field education in social work, group work education and practice. While this indicates good knowledge in the area under investigation, the article has been evaluated on its own merits. Importance of Problem Investigated: This study aims to emphasise the distinct advantages of group participation for bereaved individuals and to identify the role and skills of the practitioner from a social work perspective. The lack of prior research in the area, from a social work perspective, form a clear and theoretical rationale for the aim of the study Abstract: The abstract offers a clear description of the research being undertaken and the methodology has been established. Nevertheless, details of sample size and selection criteria are omitted from the abstract, as are details of the main findings, conclusions and any recommendations for future studies. In doing so, the reader must read and examine further in order to ascertain if the article is of interest to…show more content…
One criticism of the chosen approach is the lack of detail about the selection process. The researchers do state that one case has been adapted from a previous study, Gitterman (2004), however, on closer examination, the 2004 study makes no mention of the case presented here. It is unclear whether the remaining two case examples were developed specifically for this study or also adapted from older studies. Clarification of selection process would have added to the validity of the

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