The Running Process Analysis

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Throughout my journey as a competitive runner, I came to the conclusion that running involves both mental and physical strength. I realized the importance of those abilities after I raced on one particular course. I never perceived running in the same manner after the day of this race. The challenging course itself consists of rock-strewn, sand filled pathways for a lengthy three miles. The first mile appears ridiculously difficult because of the steep, ascending incline in the beginning. However, that is nothing compared to the hill that is encountered in the second mile. Reaching the third mile and approaching the finish line was an experience I will never forget. Having the ability to race through what is called Holmdel’s course in North Jersey has been a strengthening personal experience. A key factor of running a race properly is to construct a powerful mentality. At the starting line, the gunshot sounded its deafening, startling noise and everyone shot off like a bullet. I darted off into the distance because in a race it is like a massive stampede running for their lives and claustrophobia is not a feeling one would enjoy encountering. My pulse…show more content…
I knew that crossing the line was a meaning of success. I was about to complete the most difficult race I have ever encountered and I was approaching the remainder of the distance mightily. I saw handfuls of people standing on both sides of the finish line: coaches, friends, parents, and grandparents. I could hear the echoing sounds of cheering, screaming, and clapping from a mile away. The noises surrounding me motivated me to run faster by widening my stride with every step. As soon as the gigantic, vibrant finish line stature was in my view, I let my legs take over my body. I flew through the finish line with a feeling of achievement. I never experienced such a phenomenal feeling until this race and it continues to impact me

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