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4. In your view how did the development of writing change the societies of ancient Mesopotamia, and specifically, the lives of the peoples? Which groups might have been the most affected? The development of writing impacted the common people, because it allowed their governments to be much more organized and efficient. It allowed governments to keep records. This allowed the governments to do a much better job of extracting taxes from the people. It also allowed for the memorialization of laws and business transactions. Information was more factually presented, given that memory is subjective. As agricultural practices developed, farmers were able to create surpluses, which enabled trade. The development of trade was one important factor in Mesopotamia that created the need for writing, and the system of writing that developed helped the civilization facilitate management of commercial, religious, political, and military systems. The earliest known writing documents simple commercial transactions. Cuneiform developed, which saved time from drawing pictographs to drawing simple symbols. Cuneiform was used to record literature and formalize legal systems, which mostly affected the common people, who could understand what was expected better through the ‘concrete’ expectations than the…show more content…
In the Enuma Elish, the serpent is the friend who helps the original man search for immortality. The Babylonian gods became the Israelite god. Instead of the world being thrown into despair because of the actions of the original man and woman, the Mesopotamians adopted an optimistic worldview; they believed the world became better. It is unknown who wrote the Enuma Elish, but the original Genesis was written by clergy. In Genesis, God creates the world and the first humans; in the Enuma Elish, a god battling a goddess created everything; however, the transition from one thing to the next until the day of rest is the

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