Quasi Experimental Framework

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Our overarching research approach is to initiate a pilot study, using a quasi-experimental framework and quantitative analysis. The purpose of conducting a pilot study is to examine the feasibility of an approach that is then intended to be applied to a larger population (). The results of the pilot study will help to identify modifications that will be needed for the larger investigation (). This is important because rather than requesting approval for a larger, more financially demanding study, the concept can be verified for feasibility, and issues that do occur can be amended before proceeding. Our study will use a quasi-experimental design; this framework is used to test hypotheses, whilst lacking the process of random assignment that…show more content…
Quantitative analysis is the research approach that we will use to investigate the effect of CBT on cancer patients who experience neuropathic pain. In three ways we will quantify this experience. Using the numeric scale of pain VAS (), such as rating the pain from 1 to 10, we can record over a period of time, the changes experienced. By breaking down neuropathic pain into definitive characteristics of allodynia, paroxysmal pain, and dysesthesia, we can look at the consistency and frequency that these pain episodes are uncontrolled over the study period (). Furthermore we can compare the frequency of requests for additional pharmacological intervention. Whilst the pain experience could be measured with a qualitative approach, it makes the comparison of experience difficult due to the varied language people use. On the other hand, a quantitative approach will be efficient at standardising, measuring and comparing the impact of CBT on the neuropathic pain experience in cancer patients, and uses a format of statistical outcomes that we can use to explain what is…show more content…
They would continue with their current medication regime for the next 24 weeks, every six weeks they would fill in a new questionnaire with their pain rating, the frequency of neuropathic pain episodes they experience and the frequency they requested additional pharmacological interventions for their pain. The form would be filled in online, using multi-choice options. Rather than having to manually submit forms, running the risk of misplacement or forgetting, an online form with a reminder to complete on the specific days allocated would lower the rate of missing information. This format would make submission quick, interrupting very little of their time, and collation of the data would be

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