Importance Of Statistical Analysis In Policy Formation

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Statistics is a quick developing subject. From its origin, it is being utilized as a tool for analysis. In ancient times, the state was utilizing Statistics to keep distinctive authoritative and monetary records. These records relate to stock of wealth, death rate, birth rate, assets, age and gender dispersion in the population. Statistics were of tremendous help to policy formation and administration. Statistics refers to methods that involves gathering, collection, presentation, interpreting and analyzing of data. This research paper critically examines the meaning of statistical analysis and further examines the meaning of policy formation. Finally, it sheds more light on the importance of statistical analysis in policy formation. In simple…show more content…
Firstly, it involves understanding and identifying the current issue at hand. Statistical analysis has been of help to policy formation in the sense that it helps assist policy makers to identify existing environmental, economical or social issues that need addressing. For instance, statistical analysis could recognize issues concerning the ramifications of rising inflation or the aging of the populace. They established a better understanding of this issues by dissecting patterns in the data or trends over time ("HOW GOOD STATISTICS CAN ENHANCE THE DECISION MAKING PROCESS" paragraph 1). Secondly, it sets the agenda. Setting the agenda means that statistical analysis supports the inception of new policy and the modification of an existing program by providing a valuable source of evidence. Once an issue has been recognized, it is then important to investigate the degree of the issue, and figure out what urgency there is for the issue to be tended to. Statistical analysis can highlight the significance and relevance of the issue in numerical terms, and accordingly show the significance of creating program or policy to address the issue as fast as could be allowed ("HOW GOOD STATISTICS CAN ENHANCE THE DECISION MAKING PROCESS" paragraph…show more content…
K shangodoyin and T. A Lasisi says that statistical analysis has played an important role in policy formation. Another area where Statistics has played an important role is in monitoring and assessing of progressing economic reform programs of the government in Nigeria. Statistical information is in the meantime imperative because it will provide the essential information on execution indicator which serves to quantify the effect of program and policy on the satisfaction of target populaces (Lasisi 132). In conclusion Statistical analysis has played a vital and important role in policy formation. Firstly, it recognizes and identifies the current issue at hand. It sets the agenda by providing a valuable source of evidence. It formulates the policy by deciding the most ideal approach to react. This step requires watchful and thorough statistical analysis and careful counsel with key partners to set up a reasonable comprehension of the genuine degree of the issue. Lastly, it monitors and evaluates policy by observing and assessing the policy to guarantee it is

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