Hugh Auld: A Fictional Narrative

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This is the third week of the new job Hugh Auld,my master, had gotten me, it was a small little shop that before I got here looked like it was about to fall over. I was a slave, and I will be free someday, and I will escape soon. The work I was doing now was tolerable, but Hugh takes all my wages he is set on not letting me buy out of my slavery. “Frederick!” I heard Hugh yell. “Yes, sir?” “Do you have my wages?” “Nine dollars like always, sir.” “Good job I think I found you your new job.” “Thank you very much,sir.” “You know what since I am such a nice, and generous man I am going to give you a whole twenty-five cents.” he said with an obvious mocking tone. “Thank you for being so generous, sir.” he walked away still smirking, and set me…show more content…
I completed my day of work , and Hugh didn’t come today because he only comes on Fridays. I went home, and went straight to sleep. I dreamed of how I was to escape. I went to an old sailor friend, and bought his papers that let him sail. I will run as one of the trains at the railroads leaves, and jump onto the black only part of the train. I will pray the conductor doesn’t check the papers thoroughly because me and my friend look very different. If this work it will be my dream come true. I will truly be a free man. On Sunday, my day off, I went to church, and went out with my friends most notably the free, and beautiful women Anna Murray. Before I went home I went to my friend the sailor, and bought the papers from him with a promise to send them back. I got home early, and packed the few things I owned, and hid them. I came across one of the books I hid from my master, and I read it. It was very rare for a slave to know how to read, but I was lucky, I learned from my old master’s wife, and can read better than most. So I read for an hour, put my book with my things, and went to bed. That night I dreamed of being a free man my life after this bottomless hole.I woke up that morning at three thirty I snuck out of my room, and went to check when then next train left. It left at nine forty-five, five minutes after I get off work, so I would need a friend to throw me my…show more content…
We just stopped in Philadelphia, when another train was leaving for New York, so I hopped on. By the morning of Tuesday, September 5th I was in New York. I was free, but had nothing besides the stuff I packed. I slept on the streets, it was unbearably cold in this bleak city with lots of buildings, for a few nights until I met a sailor who led me to a person who helps escaped slaves his name was David Ruggles. He let me stay with him for a few days, and I decided to write Anna Murphy, and tell her to come, and join me in New York because I realized I was in love with love with her. She came up, and on September 5th we were married by Reverend J. W. C. Pennington, an escaped slave minister. After our wedding ceremony David told us New Bedford would be safer than New York because everyone there was anti slavery. The next day we went to New Bedford. This is where me, and my life started our new

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